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Design Philosophy
Our approach to building and design is to fulfill each client’s wishes for their project while utilizing the design principles we are known for: architectural integrity, function, spatial balance, light, color, and texture. All of this is considered and combined in the design process. Our focus continues to be clean, classic design with a hint of whimsy tossed in here and there.
Being first and foremost a designer and having worked on so many projects, Diane’s vast experience in building and design helps clients to make the right decision and guide them down the best path. As a female builder, she has an intuitive insight into the varying needs and workings of a family. By spending time listening to our clients, we are able to tailor each project to fit each person’s specific needs. We strive to provide each client with a beautiful, yet functional aesthetic that captures their unique vision and individual requirements. It’s continually a pleasure that by the end of the project, we cherish the time spent with our clients and truly enjoy the special, familial feeling that has been formed.
Kitchen & Bath
"The kitchen is the heart of the home" is true now, more than ever.


Having planned over 100 kitchens and countless bathrooms, we offer years of experience in kitchen and bath design. Our approach to kitchen and bath design incorporates function and aesthetics as equal partners, resulting in a beautiful, yet functional space.

Sterling Wilson Design & Development has experience working on 100 year old plus homes. Renovating these homes can present certain challenges that we attempt to uncover in the planning stages.

Having worked on many historic and period homes, we work to maintain the architectural integrity of each unique home, while helping them evolve to meet current design and layout, as well as our clients’ unique requests.